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Health Education Resources:

These resources were developed by DNP PMHNP students Kathryne Neiling and Maureen Ndzi.

Healthy boundaries

Boundary Setting tips

Inner Peace 

Blue Zones of Happiness

Nutrition and Mental Health

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Our publications:

Fenton, A., Humphrey, K., Goode, C., Celius, L, Rohde., A (2024). Mental Health Access to Care: Nurse Practitioner Led Telehealth Practice. Journal for Nurse Practitioners. Journal for Nurse Practitioners.

Fenton, A., Humphrey, K. G., Celius, L., Goode, C. K., Rohde, A., & Ejigu, A. (2023). Integration of Primary Care Services into a nurse practitioner Telemental Health Practice: Review of literature to guide best practices. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 19(8), 104719.

Fenton, A., Sharps, P., Kverno, K., RachBeisel, J., & Gorth, M. (2020). A 12-Week Evidence-Based Education Project to Reduce Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk in Adults With Serious Mental Illness in the Integrated Care Setting. Journal Of The American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 107839032090282. doi: 10.1177/1078390320902825

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